58 West Hastings Community Partnerships

The Foundation will partner with organizations across Vancouver to ensure the residents at 58 West Hastings are given the resources needed to positively impact all areas of their lives while living in this community and for the rest of their lives.

Pillars of the Community Partnerships Program

Health & Wellness

Amenities and services such as dental services and education on nutrition, fitness, stress management, and other topics that help support a healthy lifestyle. 58WH residents will have access to free haircuts, clothing, and food.

Life Skills

Regular, convenient, and level-appropriate mentoring and job readiness planning, and opportunities to receive guidance on important planning decisions will be offered. Areas covered will include: banking, mentoring and internship opportunities.


Vancouver is full of experiences that everyone should be able to access. Tickets to sporting events, concerts, and performances will be offered free of charge to 58WH residents on a regular basis. For those interested in the arts, professionals will be brought on-site for workshops, and opportunities for off-site excursions or viewings will be provided.

Health & Wellness Partners

Life Skills Partners

Experiences Partners

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